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Aubray Scott’s Testimony

Where do I start!?! I’ve been wanting to create a series of posts called Good News Stories, a series of stories to inspire you, to give you life, to help you in this journey we call life. I want you to hear GOOD NEWS, in a world full of bad reports, rumors of war, sexual misconduct, and so much more .. we need to hear something positive. My first post starts with @aubrays , she is instagram friend. I’ve been following her journey for a few weeks now and she is so beautiful inside and out. After a few posts, I thought to myself .. “ok, she is another instagram traveler girl, thats cool” and I was so wrong. She is so much more than what her instagram reveals. On her story one day I noticed she was inside of a building and she was on a big screen. I sent her a message asking to see the video (the video above) and I had NO idea what it was about. A few hours later I get a message from her and a youtube link, while driving to a meeting I started to listen to the video. Within 2 minutes .. I was in tears .. she has an amazing story that I need people to hear. WATCH IT and share!

I just want to say thank you!! Your courage to speak up & heart will reach so many young girls/women dealing with shame and guilt!  @aubrays, your life is a reflection of GOD love and mercy!!

Your next cup of coffee is on me!

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